Grade 12 Common Examination

The year is reaching its climax as we reach the end of the 3rd school term. For matriculants, this is the last real term of their schooling career, with the following term being exams only.

While many of you are already preparing for the upcoming exams, we here at the EduBiz team would like to stress the importance of the Septemeber common paper. We encourage all matriculants to use this as a practice run for the end of the year, work hard to see which areas truly need improving on.

We, the staff and management, wish you the best of luck. Linked below is the FINAL TIME TABLE for the COMMON PAPERS. Use your time constructively and we wish you all the best.

For the best possible chance at acing your papers, check out the FREE EduBiz App, where all the past exam papers can be found under our MATRIC MATTERS option.

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