Benefits Of Online Study

University is expensive, with the average course by year costing R50,000. It’s for that reason that more and more students each year are taking their future into their own hands by undertaking self-study alongside online courses to help further their own skills.

Online colleges and learning spaces have grown vastly within the span of the last 10 years. With a virtually unlimited source of information at their fingertips, many people worldwide have sharpened their skills and learned new ones all from the comfort of their own home. Many of them have gone on to become self-employed entrepreneurs, finding success both big and small.

One of the many benefits of online study is the freedom it provides in terms of time and flexibility. There are no set class times, no set guidelines and topics and the freedom to explore their subject beyond bounds. Some online universities, which offer a stricter guideline and term plan like UNISA, may have deadlines, but much of it and the results will come down to personal effort and attention.

Online study is also much, much cheaper than study at universities. Some online platforms, like Skillshare, is community-driven with a monthly subscription fee for unlimited access. Other sites, like Udemy, provide courses on a purchasable basis. Many of these platforms also offer a community tab for students to discuss and build upon, along with complete video courses by the instructor and external materials to further immerse yourself in during your sessions. 

Beyond that, taking an online course means there is often never a class to attend, meaning you are able to travel while you study, making it perfect for students on the move. Even further to the point, it enables one to study the course material from universities abroad without leaving home.

While there are many benefits to online study, many people are still on the fence about it. So to show our support for self, online study, we here at Edubiz Media are giving out a FREE online course to anyone who downloads the EduBiz App. Simply download the app on either the iOS or Play Store, choose the “STUDY ONLINE” option and follow the prompts provided.

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