Bringing the love for animals and literature together

Driven by both their passion for animals, and their dedication to education, the EduBiz Media team set out in earlier in September with a single goal in mind – to combine their love for animals with their passion for literature! It was during a visit to the Animal Welfare Society that they found the answer. The Animal Welfare Society (AWS) was in dire need to raise much needed funds and had loads of books up for sale. The EduBiz team immediately stepped in and bought up boxes of books from the AWS to support them.

The principal, staff and learners of AZ Berman High School was pleasantly surprised when the EduBiz Media team visited the school with boxes of books to donate to the school’s library. Ms Newman, an educator at the school, said that the school is very appreciative of the donation of books and that it gives them a great start to setting up their library.

Razak Fillander of EduBiz Media said, “We are very excited about this initiative and would like to grow it, as it brings our love and care for animals and our dedication to education (reading) together. We encourage individuals and businesses that would like to support this much-needed initiative to contact us.”

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