One-Stop-Shop Grade R to 12 CAPs aligned content

As the uncertainty of the education of millions of learners continues, EduBiz Media strive to assist parents and learners to continue with homeschooling.

We upload another excellent Educational Web Portal specifically for parents, teachers, and all learners. It is a One-Stop-Shop designed to assist all school going learners from Grade R to 12 with 100% CAPs aligned content. The site is mobile friendly, so anyone with a smartphone can access these resources. It also has a very large collection of Zero-rated websites that allow you to access these sites from your phone, without using any data. All the 4 main Cell Phone Networks (Vodacom, MTN, CELL C, Telkom) have zero-rated hundreds of websites that offer educational resources. You will find all of them on this Web Portal. The design is very straightforward and the resources readily available.

We hope that this portal will enable everyone to continue with their school work during this period of uncertainty.

The link has been uploaded on the EduBiz App under the STUDY ONLINE button. The content can be found in the link entitled ONE-STOP-SHOP Grade R to 12 CONTENT.

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