An excitement filled holiday for some individuals!

The schools may have closed for the March holidays, but some educators and learners are still actively involved in various activities!


Hazeldene Primary, Grade 7, boys at Boulders Beach snorkeling and learning about Marine Life. A great opportunity for these learners. The programme is part of the Safer School Holiday Programme. Well done Hazeldene Primary!

Meadowridge Primary School enjoy an exciting excursion

The principal of Meadowridge Primary, Mr. Daniels and a group of 25 educators joined the EduBiz team on the first teacher excursion to the SA Jewish Museum. They enjoyed a guided tour of the museum and spent some at the Holocaust Museum as well. The group gathered in the auditorium and enjoyed an overview of the school excursion and a positive teaching discussion.

Fun Run to promote better education

The EduBiz and Beyond the Edge Tutoring Teams participated in the Radio Tygerberg 6km Fun Walk to share their passion to promote better education.

Mitchell’s Plain Dart initiative

Learners from 12 schools in Mitchell’s Plain were given the opportunity to participate in this initiative. The sport of Darts has never been focussed on as sports code in our schools. We hope this initiative is the start of Darts being focussed on to become a well sought after sport! Well done Mr. Blaauw and your team for creating more and more opportunities for our learners. The PPA Executive thank and salute you for your sterling work and commitment.

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