Watergate Centre Night Market: Bringing the Festive Season to Mitchells Plain

The fun and excitement mounts as the Watergate Centre team puts its final planning in place to host its first-ever Night Market this coming Saturday, 07th December 2019 from 17h00 – 22h00.

The event started out as a small event but has within the past few weeks snowballed into a full-blown Night Market event, with partners such Peninsula Beverages, Deafrow and Q&I Media coming on board with great excitement. 

A number of great local artists will ensure that the crowd is entertained with live performances throughout the evening. With a wide variety of well-stocked, delicious food stalls to ensure a fantastic line-up of eats, a motor show that will attract young and old alike, and well-equipped kiddies play area to ensure that the young ones are entertained, and much, much more.  

We have an amazing programme lined up for the Watergate Night Market 7th Dec 2019

  • 5:00 Opening  – MC Quinten Q.Rock Swartz 
  • 5:10 Dj Poker Bear playing music 
  • 5:30 Chaddy-B & Leogan ( singing & rapping) 
  • 5:40 MC- Mr Q.Rock promo Giveaways 
  • 6:00 Motivational talk by Zaida owner of EduBiz 
  • 6:15 MC – Mr Q.Rock ( promoting the stalls & car show with some giveaways 
  • 6:25 Mercy JUNIOR – Artist 
  • 6:30 Jason Jonas – singer 
  • 6:40 Harvest Youth Marimba group entertaining vendors on the floor ( no act on stage) 
  • 6:55 Scheronder – female dancer 
  • 7:00 Sly and the Clan(family singing rapping group) 
  • 7:10 Dick Mills & Darryn G – rap group 
  • 7:20 7:30 MC – Mr Q.Rock promoting the car sound off 
  • 7:45 Project021 dance group 
  • 7:50 Peter Spike P( rapper from the Harvest Youth Project ) 
  • 8:00 James Bhemgee – Winner of SA Got Talent – singer 
  • 8:10 MC-Mr Q.Rock & Fuzlin of the Watergate Promoting the Car Show
  • 8:20 Kelly – female singer 8:30 Celita – female rapper 
  • 8:45 Chad – rapper from the Harvest Youth project 
  • 9:00 Mercy JUNIOR 
  • 9:15 MC- Mr Q.Rock (promoting the stalls) 
  • 9:25 Equalizer – Party Vibes (main act ) 
  • 9:30 Dj playing music while MC Mr Q.Rock giveaways 
  • 10:00 2 Djs sharing the stage for the evening (Watergate Dj and one Guest.) 

Entertainers will keep the stalls busy in their free time shopping.

Both Mitchell’s Plain based media platforms, YOH Radio and EduBiz Media will be at the event to ensure the broader Mitchell’s Plain community is kept abreast of the excitement at the event.

Security: At Watergate the Safety and Security of our shoppers remain top of mind and with the security features installed, we aim to provide a sense of comfort to families while enjoying their shopping experience with us. Our safety features include: 

  • Enclosed perimeter fencing with motion detection beams; 
  • Access control booms with spikes; 
  • 24hr surveillance monitoring and
  • 24hr guarding and patrol services.  

FREE ENTRY! Join us for a night of fun with the family

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