The Truth About Happiness

“A man is never as big as when he is on his needs to hold a child.” – Pythagoras

Wealth, fame, power- fleeting concepts we rush after all our lives. From media to reality, we’re pushed to achieve and grow, to make a mark on history for one reason or another. We zone in what could be and ignore what is-

Forgetting where we came from and the journey that brought us there.

Radhanath speaks volumes in his talk on the topic, driving home the truth that money does not equate happiness, but rather that family and connection is more essential to find it. Some of us may find it boring or irritating, to be hit with another ” family is key” speech, but it’s the truth.

Money and fame bring many things, but happiness it does not. The brightest moments in life, those rare ones where everything seems so right, are the ones that don’t cost a cent.

Holding a loved one, staring at the stars, enjoying pizza with friends; these moments can never be bought and no amount of money can bring the satisfaction and peace that they do.

So before you chase a job for money or a career for fame, think if it’s what you want; if it’s what will make you happy. With every step, you take, do not chase money or fame, but satisfaction. Live not by the dollar in your hand but by the spirit in your heart. Live free, live happily.

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