The Downfall of our Education System

“Unfortunately, this has dire consequences for the child and the teacher and society as a whole” – Nikki Busch, Creative parenting expert

The already dire state of education in South Africa is about to get even worse, as officials begin talks of introducing a forced pass-over for all students in the Foundation Phase.

Forming the bedrock of students’ education and future, focusing on essential skills such as reading, basic mathematics and primary life skills, this change could spell disaster for our already failing education system, ranked as one of the worst in the world as is.

Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush, in a series of Twitter posts, highlights some of the dangers such a change could have for the future.

“If you think about a wall… if it is missing certain bricks in the foundation… ultimately, that wall will fall” – Nikki Bush, Creative parenting expert

The proposition, if passed, would send our already failing education into an unrepairable nosedive. Many experts are already calling for a closer inspection and reviewing of the curricular and this choice might spell a dark time for our countries future. With an already high failure and high dropout rate, this decision has the possibility of significantly increasing the illiteracy rate in South African youths.

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