Some tips to help parents and learners during the Exams

As parents, we suffer from severe stress and anxiety during our children’s exam period. It is imperative that they do not share our anxiety and stress, and that we encourage and support them during is challenging exam times. 

The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is:

  • to keep calm, stay positive, encourage and support them – make home life as calm, positive and pleasant as possible. Keep discussions positive and do not allow your stress to impact on your children and the home environment. Where necessary makes special allowances to ensure your children have the necessary quiet space to focus on their studies. 
  • to cut down on too many demands on your child during exam time. Arguments and unnecessary emotional stress are counter-productive and will only add unnecessary stress and distract from revision.
  • to make it clear to your children that your love and regard for them is in no way dependent on the results they achieve during the exams. This affirmation is the best gift you can give them in the weeks prior to the exams. 
  • to reassure your child that no matter what results they receive, that there are options. It may not be their first option but there is other ways to get the same qualification so be aware of the options should they not get their first choice. Give them as much encouragement and support during these times.

Here are some tips to help parents and children get through the exams

  • Know your child’s entire exam schedule. 
  • Ensure your child is present and punctual for each exam. 
  • Speak to your child about their concerns, fears, and anxiety about the examination.
  • Help them to maintain a balanced daily routine.
  • Ensure that they get a good night’s sleep that always improves examination performance.
  • Ensure that they have a balance and healthy diet during, especially that they have enough liquid intake. 
  • Ensure that they do not isolate them completed.
  • Be alert of signs of depression and anxiety.

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