Robbing The Future

We are no strangers to theft- a sad statement to be made in this day and age. From burglaries to grab-and-dash, we are all victim to it at one point in our lives. Luckily, humans are stubborn creatures by nature and rebuild or replace whats lost without much fanfare when need be.

Yet there is a limit to what a person can stand, and slowly, we have been approaching that limit. Take a mans food, and he will resent you. Take away all he has, and he will despair. Yet try and steal when he has nothing, and he will fight you till the bitter end.

We here at Edubiz Media- on behalf of the principles, schools, teachers and students alike- wish to appeal to the communities of the Western Cape to help stand up against the growing influx of crime and criminal elements targeting the schools our children study and grow at each day.

These burglaries, while seemingly insignificant, can drastically impact a school and -by proxy- a student’s ability to learn. Robbing a school is one thing, robbing students from the ability to grow and prosper is another thing entirely. Our children are the future, and we- as educators and mentors and parents- wish to see them thrive and become the best possible person they can be.

Therefore, we ask that the community keep an eye out and ear down to help protect the future of our children. They are, after all, our future.

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