Principals attend an informative Principals Leadership Breakfast

Principals and deputy principals from various schools joined the Mancosa team at the first Mancosa Principals Leadership Breakfast at the Mancosa offices in Newlands.

A number of speakers, from various backgrounds, each came forward and  discussed relevant topics such as the discipline challenges facing educators and principals in schools on a daily basis, and different crisis management techniques for leaders to use.

The guest speaker, Wendy Horne – one of the top 50 global teachers of 2018-, shared some her school’s remarkable achievements through the various techonological programmes that the school offers. Her presentation undoubtly gave principals an indepth understanding on the possibilities of using technology in education, and the importance of preparing our learners for a future that will be controlled by technology. She presented a number of very interesting ideas that principals can use to make their schools technology friendly.

Principals and presenters alike discussed the important roles of the different stakeholders in assisting with the management of discipline of the youth in schools and communities. It was again emphasised that the role of parent empowerment and parent support systems must be put in place.

Attendees received certificates of attendance and gift bags. They were also treated to a breakfast. The Mancosa team is very happy with the success of the event, and says that they look forward to hosting more of these events in the near future.

EduBiz Media is very excited to work with Mancosa on these intiatives.

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