Misinformation: A statement by the Basic Education Department

Misinformation can oftentimes be more detrimental than a lie.

Recently, there has been a massive flux in the spread of misinformation on a calculated change within the Life Orientation curricular, particularly in regards to the ‘sexuality’ section of the work covered with the curriculum.

Much of what you have heard of these changes, however, is incredibly false and misleading. Taken out of context and spread intentionally to cause distress and disruption, many parents have sadly fallen prey to the lies of those with malicious in mind.

Due to this, many parents have raised concern and dissatisfaction on the improper nature of these supposed “changes”, which has in turn only perpetuated its spread.

As a result, the Basic Education Department has released a statement both condemning the spread and debunking much of the lies that have spawned from it. It will be linked below for download and viewing in both a Word and PDF format.

We encourage all parents to please look over the document and contact the appropriate and authentic sources for the correct information. In today’s day and age, the spread of misinformation is both incredibly easy and incredibly common.

We hope that this has alleviated some of the concerns parents might have.



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