Heritage Day: A Day of the Age 

26 September 2018

In recognition of Heritage Day, Spine Road High hosted their annual Day of Aged function on the 22nd of September. This year marked the 22nd year that the event was held. This year approximately 800 senior citizens enjoyed a day of entertainment and a four course meal.

The event started at 12 o’clock with seniors enjoying great starters with samosas, pizzas and a variety of different sweet treats. Thereafter the senior were enjoyed a delicious lunch and dessert. The seniors enjoyed an afternoon of great entertainment with the very talented Broertjie, Stephanie Rose, the school choir, the school drumming groups and a number of local talents. In addition to the entertainment the seniors each received a number and were entered into lucky draws throughout the day.

History: The event started in 1996 by the sisters of the Day hospital/clinic from Rocklands, Mitchell’s Plain, who came to the school because they dealt and worked with a large number of pensioners, who they felt needed a bit of pampering. They began this program by starting an initiative where the elderly could be spoilt and created an event to which the pensioners could look forward to – since most of them were alone at their homes throughout the year.

Due to the success of the programme, a great number of senior groups of the area began attending the function and it became the sought after day by the seniors in and around the community.

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