Guy Fawkes: Fright Night

An excuse to blow things up – that is what the 5th of November, or Guy Fawkes, has become for most. Guy Fawkes, once a day of celebration and festivity, is seen today (by most people at least) as an excuse to disregard common decency and human safety – not to even think of the impact it has on our poor animals!

From a pyre, laughter and fireworks to firecrackers, eggs and flower, let us discuss Guy Fawkes and how it’s changed over the years. Started as a celebration for the foiled plot of Guy (Guido) Fawkes in blowing up the House of Parliament during 1605, the originally English holiday has taken on a new persona here in South Africa. 

Where in England, the night may involve small firework festivals or a pyre at which a strawman is burned, here in South Africa it has become a day of danger and noise, blatant disrespect and even fatal injury.

Let us adhere to the law and refrain from any interactions with these senseless actions. 

It is a great relief to know that setting off fireworks is now finally illegal. It is of utmost importance that we protect our animals. 

Eggings, attacks and scare tactics have become the norm for today it seems. More akin to a day within The Purge than one of celebration, many people are likely to simply say home or within doors than walk or go about their day in danger. From random assaults (for they can be described as nothing else) to outright attacks, Guy Fawkes has stopped being a day of fun and become one of danger.

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