Follow up message to parents regarding school acceptance process

Dear Parents/Guardians

Last week we blogged information regarding the school acceptance and application process. 

As per the latest communication circulated by the Western Cape Education Department, parents/guardians must note the following:

  1. The system has closed for parents to confirm the acceptance of learners as of the 12th of July. 
  2. All cases where a student has been successfully accepted at one school only, a letter of confirmation will be sent out soonest.  
  3. Every confirmation that was accepted online will receive a WhatsApp, e-mail, and telephone over by Wednesday this week at the very latest.
  4. Communication will be sent to parents who have not confirmed information online. 
  5. Information will be sent to schools today (Monday), to inform schools and districts that all late applications can ONLY be captured at a school or the district.
  6. Districts are following up schools with pending statuses.
  7. Schools will continue to able to update statuses.

As at today, 76 341 parent confirmations are not reflected on the system. 

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