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Watergate Centre Night Market: Success!

The Watergate Centre Night Market started off with much anticipation on Saturday, 07 December as load shedding loomed and the weather scheduled for strong winds.  Vendors, prepared for a slow, mellow night, were suddenly flooded as the events got into full swing, starting off a night full of entertainment and joy. With the Q&I Media […]

Watergate Centre Night Market: Bringing the Festive Season to Mitchells Plain

The fun and excitement mounts as the Watergate Centre team puts its final planning in place to host its first-ever Night Market this coming Saturday, 07th December 2019 from 17h00 – 22h00. The event started out as a small event but has within the past few weeks snowballed into a full-blown Night Market event, with […]

Misinformation: A statement by the Basic Education Department

Misinformation can oftentimes be more detrimental than a lie. Recently, there has been a massive flux in the spread of misinformation on a calculated change within the Life Orientation curricular, particularly in regards to the ‘sexuality’ section of the work covered with the curriculum. Much of what you have heard of these changes, however, is […]

Understanding teenager talk, what are they saying to each other??

A recent study done by a UK Internet service provider revealed that more than 5.2 million adults are clueless when it comes to interpreting what kids are saying online. Over 4,500 adults took part in the research, and the majority were not able to translate the real meaning of slang that children use on the […]

Benefits Of Online Study

University is expensive, with the average course by year costing R50,000. It’s for that reason that more and more students each year are taking their future into their own hands by undertaking self-study alongside online courses to help further their own skills. Online colleges and learning spaces have grown vastly within the span of the […]